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Food & Wine

Our menu is based on dishes belonging to the Umbrian cooking traditions that
Angelo D' Acquisto, Chef and owner, always reinterprets with creativity

Meals may change (as the raw materials are always fresh and carefully selected) and vary according to seasons
in order to exalt the products of our territory:
mushrooms, truffles, extra vergin olive oil ...

The kitchen staff prepares every day different varieties of bread, egg pasta and cakes

The following is ... only one of our possible proposals ...


Sauvory spinach flan with gorgonzola cream
Buffalo mozzarella,tomatoes and flavored basil of the kitchen garden
Great selection of local charcuterie (cured meats) and fantasy season of "crostini"
Bresaola, rocket ( arucola), walnuts and goat cheese
Fava bean flan with pecorino cheese and wild fennel

First courses
homemade Italian pasta
"Strozzapreti" with asparagus, bacon and zucchini
"Ravioli" fulfilled with meat on the "Grandmother" way
"Umbrichelli" with truffles (the earthy taste our woods)
Pasta in eggplant horn of plenty with tomato
Fresh egg noodles with fava beans, bacon, fennel, and pecorino flakes
The carter' s "umbrichelli" (tomato, garlic, chilli, basil and parsley)
"The Classics": Umbrichelli with cheese and pepper
"Pappardelle" with wild boar

Seconde courses
always accompanied by a small side dish
Sausages with grapes (the harvest classic Umbrian recipe)
Mille-feuille of smoked eggplants
Cauliflower baked au gratin with cheese and pine nuts
Pork tenderloin with peaches and balsamic vinegar
Codfish salad with vegetables, pine nuts and tomatoes
Wild boar stew marinated in red wine and herbs

Side Dishes
Vegetable side dishes are always fresh,
so ... it depends on the kitchen garden!

Our "Pastiera" ...
Hot apple "Tarte Tatin"
"Cassata" on the Sicilian "Grandmother"way
Triumph of fruit on a pastry basket
" Mano nella mano a spasso tra le nuvole "

and much, much more...

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